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Featured States

In the United States, at least 30 states have enacted legislation or executive orders to allow for some measure of autonomous vehicles.  We have highlighted a few states below. More to come.

Geometric Highway


Law: Executive Order. 


Public Usage: Testing and operational services on roads allowed per April 2018 Executive Order.

San Francisco


Law: Statutes and Regulations. S.B. 1298 (2012); A.B. 1592 (2016); A.B. 669 (2017)

Public Usage: Testing and operational services on roads allowed per Vehicle Code section 38750 and the regulations set forth in 13 C.C.R. §§ 227.00 et.seq.

Car Outline


Law: S.B. 169 (2013); S.B. 663 (2013); S.B. 995 (2016); S.B. 996 (2016); S.B. 997 (2016); S.B. 998 (2016)


Public Usage: Pursuant to M.C.L. § 257.665(4), AVs can be utilized on highways and streets.  

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